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There were so many students at the seminar that it was standing room only
Many universities often invite alumni to hold seminars for teaching staff and students. The Hong Kong Baptist University, to celebrate its 55th anniversary, held several sharing forums with its alumni. Those who returned to give the talks were all social elites.
I earlier attended a forum with Cheung Kong (Holdings) executive director Justin Chiu Kwok-hung, chairman of Land Power International Holding Michael Choi Ngai-min and Gale Well Group CEO Jacinto Tong Men-leung as guest speakers.
They discussed the development of the property market in Hong Kong and China with the students and teaching staff during the seminar and encouraged interested students to join the real estate sector.
The three speakers are all well-known in the property sector, having been in the business for more than 30 years. They have rich experience to share.
And there were so many students at the seminar that many had to stand.
When talking about how he started his career, Tong said he was influenced by his grandmother, who often said that having a flat to rent to others is one of the two happiest things in life. So he had decided to get into the real estate business from then.
As for Chiu, his first job after graduation was in a different field. He worked as an assistant manager at Texaco in the liquefied petroleum gas business. But after some time he got bored with the work and decided to change jobs. He remembered the old days when his father took him around to collect rents. So he started his career in the real estate business.
Choi said the university, then known as the Baptist College, was not that well known. After graduation, it was quite hard to get a job. Choi said he sent more than 100 letters to companies he found in the business phone directory. Finally he got an interview with Jones Lang LaSalle, where he saw beautiful property prospectuses and the large amounts of money involved.
He thought the sector was promising and hence went into the real estate business. After years of hard work, he and his friends started their own business, establishing the Land Power International Holdings of today.
It's a rare occasion for the three property gurus to gather together. All three see the property market as promising and advised students who are interested to enter the business.
As China is a big country and many of its cities are still in their infancy of development, there is great room for development. But Hong Kong and the mainland are different and students who want to make a career across the border must not be afraid of hard work. They also have to understand the culture and laws there.
Students attending alumni seminars can get a better understanding of various prospects in the job market. And universities inviting alumni back for campus activities can also enhance their reputation.


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