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Chinese investors choose Britain as their main investment. Not just London.

 When it comes to oversea property investments, who doesn’t know it any better than the Chinese investors. These savvy investors know exactly where to look for, London has always been an attraction amongst some of the top destinations for these Chinese investors.


The continued number of investment into London is ever growing, diversification into London in both residential and commercial properties with Chinese investors is apparent. Attracted to the British heritage and known for its extensive choice of real estate London is able to present. According to research firm Real Capital Analytics (RCA), Chinese investors bought commercial properties worth €3.05 billion (HK$32.3 billion) across Europe in 2013, compared to 2012 which saw a total of €978 million worth of investment.


One of the key investors included Gingko Three, an investment arm of the State Administration of Foreign Exchange who obtained 16 properties for €1.82 billion.


Another prime investor is China’s own billion sovereign wealth fund – China Investment Corp acquired another investment to add to their wealth of property portfolio/ Chiswick Park- a West London office development from a US private equity group Blackstone for about €917 million.


But what about British country estates?


Recently, it’s not just the London prestigious townhouses that are being purchased by the Chinese investors, it’s the farmland located in the British countryside that Chinese investors have taken a huge interest on. English countryside is not only postcard standard, but it can also bring returns on these investors as a “lifestyle estate”.


And to fulfill a peace and quiet lifestyle investors have in mind, miles away from the noisy and crowded capital of London. Research reported that purchasing these estates is also a money making opportunity which can be rented out from farming activities, wind turbines and fracking. 

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